Dad's Fastest Swimmers

Dad’s Fastest Swimmers

Dad’s Fastest Swimmers are the Brisbane band you’ve been waiting for. The septet will be making their highly anticipated live debut at Reverends fine coffee and bar as part of their Little Room Sessions.

Dad’s Fastest Swimmers is a collective of seven amateur swimmers and somehow even more amateur musicians. The band formed after a day at the local pool in the scorching Queensland heat (because, free band aids) where the friends challenged a kids swim club to a race. Despite the fact that lead singer Lucky can’t swim and has a debilitating fear of water and children, the group still beat out the club of eight year olds.

Six months later following a series of noise complaints and threats of eviction from their rehearsal space in Lucky’s urban oasis apartment known as “701”, Dad’s Fastest Swimmers are ready to present their music to the masses.

Free Entry. Save the Date. More details to come.

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