Crowd Control – The Crowd Work Comedy Competition

Crowd Control – The Crowd Work Comedy Competition

It’s time to Make Comedy Great Again!

On Sunday October 25, we’re building a great, great show in the Sit Down, and we’re gonna get the audience to pay for it. It’s gonna be big. So big, you’re not even gonna believe it. The likes of which you’ve never seen. Everybody’s talking about it.

A Standup Comedy Battle Royale, Crowd Control sees eight comedians competing against each other over one night, for a cash prize and bragging rights as the Funniest Comedian.

Comics have a great relationship with the audience, as you possibly have heard. They just have great respect for them. And they like the comics. The comics like them. Put ‘em in a room together and you have a phenomenal crowd work comedy competition. Just phenomenal.

Tickets are limited due to current social distancing restrictions, so make sure you Trump the competition and secure your seats ASAP!

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