CROSSROADS – A unique exhibition
CROSSROADS – A unique exhibition

CROSSROADS – A unique exhibition

CROSSROADS – A unique exhibition by two artists who have a friendship spanning 40 years.

Mandy and Gayle have a friendship spanning 40 years. They first met in rural NSW (Deniliquin), each married to a busy professional. Both were working in their businesses, raising children and, within their actual being, nurturing their love of the visual arts. In their hearts, they were artists.

As time progressed, their pathways sometimes travelled parallel and sometimes crossed.

Mandy introduced Melbourne Artist and Teacher (now deceased) Clive Collinson to the ‘Edward River Art Society” group in Deniliquin when Gayle was President. This proved to be a life changing influence, particularly for Gayle. From this important introduction and tutoring, Gayle continued her journey into a Fine Arts Degree, and Art Teaching Degree (LaTrobe University, Bendigo). As formal education can do, this particular experience assisted her to truly understand her pursuit: texture, light and spontaneity accompanied by themes that suit this approach.

Until recently Mandy has been working in her professional practice as a Psychologist. She is an avid attender of ‘art workshops’ all over the country and in the world, including Venice and Norfolk Island. She combined travel with painting and many finished artworks evolved from sketches whilst propped outdoors somewhere.

Whilst in Deniliquin and pursuing the dream, Mandy attended attended a course in Life Drawing at the Shepparton TAFE. The life drawing experience has set Mandy off on her own tangent – including working as a life model in younger years in Melbourne. Now Mandy has retired from her professional occupation, and will have time to persue and expand her true love – painting.

Gayle is originally from rural Victoria, Mandy from a beachside suburb in Sydney. Both have journeyed up and down the East Coast for various reasons, catching up, being apart and now the roads have brought them closer together again.

This exhibition will be open from 4th April and continues until 29th April 2018.

“Crossroads” will include artworks in Resin, Encaustic (hot beeswax), Oil, Acrylic, Water-Colour and Charcoal Drawings. The subject of the works are varied and will include – shipwrecks, nudes, portraits, landscapes, abstract works – and more.

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