Creative Writing Essentials with Lea Scott

Creative Writing Essentials with Lea Scott

Unlock your true writing potential by mastering the essentials.

Whether you are just starting out on your writing journey or looking to improve your craft, this four-part introductory workshop will explore the fundamental writing techniques vital to anyone looking to create compelling and engaging fiction and memoir.

Learning Outcomes:

You will improve your writing skill-set through practical exercises and group discussions in the key areas listed below:

– Investigate methods for generating compelling story ideas for fiction and memoir
– Develop plot through the story arc and three-act structure
– Comprehend the rules of ‘Show, don’t Tell’ and other fundamentals
– Understand how to write in various narrative points of view
– Develop multi-dimensional characters
– Create realistic dialogue that serves multiple functions
– Investigate the complex uses of setting beyond location
– Build suspense and pace that keeps your reader turning pages

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