These are the songs you made out to, songs you listened to when your heart was broken, and songs that still make you giggle or cry, depending on the day.

For one night only, Coupling takes the great love duets of the 70s, 80s and 90s and completely reclaims them for same-sex couples. Barbra and Neil, Kylie and Jason, Dolly and Kenny – the amazing songs we grew up with finally being sung the way you always imagined them in your mind.

Performed by Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra and special guest vocalists Sean Andrews, David Ouch, Luke Hodgson, Greg Moore, Monique Dawes, Emily Gilhome, Jessica Mahony and Ellen Reed, Coupling is something to share with your special someone (or that person you want to get frisky with) – a night of great music, pop sensationalism and most importantly, love.

Remember – it takes two to tango.

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