CONTROL by Keziah Warner

CONTROL by Keziah Warner

Told across several decades, this blockbuster work by Melbourne playwright Keziah Warner takes Black Mirror to a whole new level.

Sometime in the future, Big Brother’s gone into outer space. The world is watching, isn’t it? Meanwhile, The Museum of Childhood faces a crisis as revolution explodes outside. And lightyears away, a programmer and their A.I. companion forge hope for the future of humanity. But who’s really in charge here?

CONTROL grips with an urgency that is hard to ignore, investigating ethics and morality in a technological age, and just how human can technology become.

Presented by Observatory Theatre. Directed by Timothy Wynn. Featuring Triona Calimbayan-Giles, Nykita O’Keeffe, Egan Sun-Bin & Peter Irankunda.

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