Content By The Kilo – An Art Show by Callum Preston
Content By The Kilo – An Art Show by Callum Preston

Content By The Kilo – An Art Show by Callum Preston

Content by the Kilo is Callum Preston’s first venture north to exhibit artworks from his hometown of Melbourne, with Church Brisbane being the perfect venue considering his history creative visual work in the music industry.

Raised on the creative holy trinity of skateboarding, punk music and graffiti, Callum has fully embraced the DIY mentality with his own art, design, creative practice and business. He got his start in design by making band flyers in the late 90s while still in high school, and has continued that musical design work all the way through to now, with music clients such as Violent Soho, Parkway Drive, Something For Kate, The Smith Street Band and countless others he has been able to continue his involvement in the Australian live music scene beyond playing in bands himself. He has created artworks for brands such as CONVERSE, Smith & Daughters, The Block, Vans and even Crowbar’s own Barn Burner beer.

The artworks are a collection of what he calls ” fast and loose” butchers shop signs, the kind of thing you would have seen as a kid while shopping with a parent, proclaiming the finest cuts, the cheapest prices or the freshest produce. Big bold and eye catching, from a time before social media, you wanted to say something, you wrote it down and put a splash of neon around it.

Callum has taken that same concept, tried to harness the freehand looseness and DIY feel of the style, but replaced the words with words and phrases that capture something else for him. Lyrics, sayings, phrases and short verse, all which have an energy when crammed onto a page. Created for all to see and take from it what they will, Callum’s passion for nostalgia, mixed with the energy of his own creative influences through music and pop culture.

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