Composting 101

Composting 101

Kitchen and garden waste is a large portion of what many households throw away into the rubbish bin. Come celebrate International Compost Awareness Week with us and learn how to take these simple, free raw materials and turn them in to beautiful “black gold”. Topics covered include: what is compost, and how it is made, the environmental benefits of composting, basic compost recipe, hot vs. cold composting, worm farming, Bokashi, backyard chooks, common problems and remedies, applying compost for maximum return, compost and worm teas, plus much more.

Wear a hat and covered shoes. Bring a snack and a keep cup or water bottle.

Location: Meet at the Kitchen in the Garden.

Grow, Eat, Compost and Repeat is a series of food, gardening and composting workshops, displays and activities supported by Brisbane City Council during May to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week. 

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