Comedy Commentary Cinema go A*P*E

Comedy Commentary Cinema go A*P*E

Kristian Fletcher Events joins forces with Comedy Commentary Cinema and SBC Comedy at Saccharomyces Beer Cafe, South Brisbane!

Our next movie, and first in our new location is the 1976 King Kong rip-off A*P*E, screening with a hilarious live commentary by local impro big-hitters Luke Rimmelzwaan and Brittany White. Fellow funny person Steven Morgan will be hosting the evening.

In A*P*E, a newly discovered 36-foot gorilla escapes from a freighter off the coast of Korea. At the same time an American actress is filming a movie in the country. Chaos ensues as the ape kidnaps her and rampages through Seoul.

Comedy Commentary Cinema have created a place where like-minded folk can congregate to celebrate the joy that is a good bad movie and re-create that living room atmosphere of a night in with friends. Armed only with their wit and their laser pointers the comedians take you on a journey through weak plot lines, terrible dialogue, wooden acting and some of the worst special effects known to man. All while they provide you with a live Blu-ray style commentary just in case you missed the worst bits.

Arrive early for drinks and food, available to purchase from the bar. The film will be screening in a private pop-up cinema and there are limited places, so booking is highly recommended.

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