Christopher R. Inwood – Chronocentric Sonder

Christopher R. Inwood – Chronocentric Sonder

You will forget what you don’t understand, so, what should we remember about the past? That is what artist Christopher R. Inwood asks his audience in his latest exhibition, opening at The Ferryman’s Hut Friday 22nd October. A 2019/20 Brisbane Portrait Prize finalist, Inwood combines classical imagery and technique with contemporary aesthetics like experiential lighting and digital culture to achieve sensuous and soul-stirring results.

In this collection of deeply ancient imagery, Inwood’s signature realism is pushed to new heights as he struggles with our species’ past and the lessons our ancestors have been screaming to us, in hope that we, their descendants take heed of their own hard learnt lessons.

Here, the language of our ancestors, myth, and metaphor, is pulled back into the present for us as we examine the fundamentals in contemporary society. Inwood invites the audiences to remember our past so we can once again understand our ancestors’ lessons.

“I wanted to make something that felt bedrock to our human nature,” says Inwood, “in order to help in understanding our human past, who we are has changed what we are hasn’t.”

With the aid of sensory dilation through experimental lighting Inwood throws the world into a sepia-hue, where we are able to step into the past’s language of myth and metaphor, Inwood offers a place to help understand or learn the lessons of the past so we too can remember. We must never forget.

Chronocentric Sonder comes to The Ferryman’s Hut from October­ 22 to November 31.


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