Changing the Conversation: Who Are We?

Changing the Conversation: Who Are We?

What does it mean to be Australian today? Engage in a conversation with our panel about our national identity as we explore the reality of our present-day cultural diversity and unravel ideas of belonging, heritage and collective identity. How do we come to terms with an ever-changing idea of what it means to be ‘Australian’ that is moving away from the traditionally accepted stereotypes of a Euro-centric, monolingual population to a much more diverse face of Australia? Explore the dimensions of historical roots, multicultural influences and contemporary values that are shaping our understanding of Australia’s national identity.

About Changing the Conversation:
Bringing together thought leaders from academia, government, business, and the community to engage in robust discussions about multiculturalism in the Australian context, the Changing the Conversation series – presented by Multicultural Australia in partnership with QPAC – explores issues of who and where we are as a nation and what we need to do to create a society that better reflects and cares for all its people. Who Are We?: Identity in a Multicultural Australia is the third of four events in this series to be held in 2024.

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