CarnAustralia is an authentic experience of Bahia’s Carnival, the largest one in the world. It will be the second edition and it goes deeper into Bahia’s roots. Bahia was the first capital of Brazil and it has a strong influence of African music, food, dance, and religion. The largest black population in Brazil is located in Bahia what makes the state even more important.

The Drums of Bahia are this year’s event theme and at the Museum of Folia (Folia means revelry) will be presented the drums’ history in Bahia, how it was created, developed, and how important the instrument is as a social tool helping children and adults by giving them the opportunity to succeed in their careers giving up on drugs or violence.

There are many social projects in Bahia that have changed these people’s lives ever since music has been used to develop poor communities, once these projects offer drums’ classes for needed people.

What can you expect?

A lot of fun, an amazing atmosphere full of good energy and we will make sure you will have an unforgettable experience of Brazilian Carnival from Bahia.

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