Bunting 101

Bunting 101

Buntings are all the rage at the moment, they seem to be everywhere because they look just beautiful! Buntings come a wide variety of materials, colours, shape, sizes and styles and just because you don’t have a sewing machine doesn’t mean that you can’t make beautiful buntings to add new life to your outdoor areas and balconies, for a present, for your child’s birthday party! Anything you wish. I’ve made them for a different take on Christmas decorations (trust me! Looks fabulous) and are a great present idea for your friends children, who doesn’t love a handmade gift?)

Come along to this class and learn all about the many ways you can make buntings! They can be made out of any material, including recycled fabrics (Do you have an old shirt or jeans lying around?), paper, old lace, tablecloths. You love the material but you don’t wear it anymore, bring this along or find some beautiful/vintage/original material in your local op-shop. Do you have beautiful paper you have never used? I’m in love with paper buntings at the moment. Feel free to bring extra material to share among the group, mixing colours, textures and designs can look fabulous! Don’t be scared to swap, share and experiment!

We will talk about sewing and creating in general and materials that can be used when making buntings. We will go through process of copying, cutting, sticking, ironing and/or sewing buntings. Options will be available for you to make your buntings the way you want! You can stick/iron or use only ribbon threaded through your cut material, or a sewing machine for those interested in sewing their buntings.

Kristyn has been a seamstress for many years. Only formally sewing at school, she has learnt from her family and is self-taught. She has a passion for sewing, creating and making all things recycled and loves revamping, recreating and recycling old clothes and materials to beloved items again. You can follow her most recent work on her blog.

Questions about the class? Please email [email protected]

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