Brisbane Queer Film Festival 2018

Brisbane Queer Film Festival 2018

Brisbane Queer Film Festival is a highlight of the Brisbane queer community calendar. Since becoming independent in 2017, the festival returns in 2018 to present, indulge and empower LGBT, intersex, queer and gender diverse film, filmmakers and screen content.

Bringing the theme this year – “we’re all the same in the dark” – to highlight the power of films to create a collective experience among the audience in the darkness of cinema. Stripping back our labels, inhibitions, judgements and stigma, to be on a human level, together. This marks the festival’s nineteenth year and fittingly its second year of independence. The festival is run by volunteers from the community, and we rely on sponsorship and funding from grants, to produce the festival.

Returning to New Farm Cinema, which, since its reopening has quickly established itself as Brisbane’s premiere location for all things cinema, from festivals, independent, cult and non-mainstream work to blockbuster cinema. There is no better place to create this connection for the Brisbane queer community than New Farm Cinema who has a special history to queer culture with the original site, The Village Twin, cited as a gay beat in 70s/80s Brisbane.

Since the festivals’ first outing in the year 2000, more than 60,000 film-lovers have immersed themselves in the BQFF experience.

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