Brisbane Japanese Festival

Brisbane Japanese Festival

Get ready to feed your sumo-sized appetite and grab a yakitori stick with both hands at Brisbane Japanese Festival, the first of its kind to hit our fair city. Famous for its culture, whiskeys and heart-warming flavours, Brisbane’s biggest and best Japanese hot spots will highlight the country’s best with sake tastings, market stalls, chopstick challenges and bento boxes all available in a celebration bigger than Godzilla himself.

For just $10 per person, tickets will earn entry to a full day of gyoza feasting, drum dancing and han-ami-style picnic festivities, with activities and performances set to stun kids and adults alike. That’s not all, though – your ticket could also earn you a trip to Japan itself, with all online bookings entering the draw to win an overseas escape!

The Brisbane Japanese Festival will be an opportunity for the community to celebrate this vivid and complex culture, learn about and participate in traditional Japanese activities. As you party the afternoon away in a Japanese wonderland of art, culture and hands-on workshops, a collection of vendors will peddle irresistible delicacies. Poke bowls topped in sashimi, stylish sushi donuts and refreshing bubble tea are among the offerings you can sample on the day.

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