Black Coffee Friday 2020 [virtual edition]

Black Coffee Friday 2020 [virtual edition]

Organised by the Bunker, Bessa and John Mills Crew, Black Coffee is an annual event pushing the boundaries of all things (you guessed it) black coffee!

This year, the gang will be bringing the experience online as a live-streamed guided and curated coffee tasting. Joining the fold this year are four local legendary roasters – Parallel, Coffee Supreme, Sundays and Passport.

Supplied in the tasting pack will be 12g each of the four filter coffee,s pre-ground and ready to go. The bags will not be marked so the tasting will be blind. After you have brewed the coffees (slowly as a group via the live stream), you can sit back to relax and enjoy the tasting while the Bunker crew introduces a few of the local roasters to chat a bit about the coffee.

They will also have a dedicated keyboard warrior to engage with the live chat. You will be able to get involved further by posting your comments and tasting notes as you go along.

Pre-orders for coffee packs have closed, but Brisbane locals can grab the coffee-tasting packs required to taste along at home from Bunker, Bessa and John Mills Himself from Tuesday to Thursday this week!

If you want an event t-shirt you will be able to pre-order one when you pick up the tasting pack in-store, or you can continue to pre-order one online at

All you need (apart from the four coffees to taste) is five cups (about 200ml each), hot water, two spoons and an internet connection. Bottoms up!

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