Bimblebox 153 Birds

Bimblebox 153 Birds

‘Bimblebox 153 Birds’ showcases 153 bird species through prints, poetry, prose, spoken word and music. More than 400 artists, writers and musicians from around Australia and overseas have contributed works that describe the attributes and calls of every recorded bird species found on ‘Bimblebox’– a valuable landscape in Central Queensland that is threatened by mining.

‘Bimblebox 153 Birds’ offers audiences a uniquely immersive multimedia experience. The exhibition includes pieces from established and emerging artists that have used various techniques including lithography, linocut, woodprint, screen-print, etching and digital printing. Artists Include New Zealand based Michel Tuffery, Fiona MacDonald, Martin King,Rona Green, and Chips Mackinolty- a key figure in the radical poster movement.

Writers from all backgrounds submitted works including successful novelist and environmentalist Di Morrisey, and Yvonne Blomer – Poet Laureate for the city of Victoria BC in Canada- as well as scientists such as Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe AO.

Pictured is Southern Boobook Owl Chick, 2014, artist Sandi Rigby, photo Paula Quintela.

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