Becky Lucas

Becky Lucas

Acknowledgments is the debut book from critically acclaimed comedian Becky Lucas as seen on the Conan O’Brien show, Comedy Central, Oxfam Gala and Just For Laughs.

It’s a funny, consoling and very candid collection of stories and essays that highlight the power of saying thank you to the ones you may not have wanted to thank at the time. Something most people can relate to, and if not, you’re probably far too well adjusted for this show.

So instead of compulsively checking the same four apps over and over to diminishing results, come and join Becky for a big night of laughs, guests and conversation. Depending on her mood, she might even drink two glasses of white wine and have a small breakdown before winning you back by disclosing a few juicy pieces of goss. In fact, Becky’s so eager to please she’ll even let you check your phone mid-show.

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