Backbone Festival 2018 – How Soon Is Now?

Backbone Festival 2018 – How Soon Is Now?

Video killed the radio star, and the internet brought it back from the dead!

The tyrannical grip of the internet incites rebellion against cold and passive interactions, leaving humanity searching for places to be touched and for artworks that move them. In a world where all is shared, from our breakfast to our relationships, where can we find those unforgettable intimate moments that add unpredictable dimensions to the rectangular screens we see ourselves framed in?

Backbone Festival – How Soon Is Now? is Backbone’s annual event that is fully facilitated and lead by young people. Returning to Backbone in 2018, How Soon Is Now? will activate the entire space with performances, installations and workshops over the month of October.

Backbone Festival –How Soon Is Now? will feature work from local and international artists on-site at Backbone from October 4–27, 2018.

Image: Morgan Roberts

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