Back To Square One

Back To Square One

To celebrate our ripe upcoming age of one-year-old, we’re hosting a giant group show featuring the collaborative works of artists who’ve been the heart of The Culprit Club over the last 12 months.

Artists have been invited to work together in creative collaboration to show amity in the arts, with each artist bringing forward the uniqueness of their personal styles to compliment, contrast and come together with the style of another.

Aeon, Aidan Ryan, Alex Lehours, Arswandaru, Bafcat, Blex, Buttons, Billie Schneider, Chris Doyle, Chehehe, Chrissie Abbott, Dean Nenadich, Diz, Drule, Emmanuel Moore, Funeral French, Graham Hare, Hanna, Inkboy, Irok, Ivo, James Nye, John Kaye, Kiss, Kiel Tillman, Lauren Webster, Lusid Art, Lucinda Wolber, Lucks, Luke Henery, Maid, Markus Ravik, Memos, Oh Noes, Pat Rogasch, Phibs, ProCreativ, Reuben Stocks, Sevens, Shaman, Soda Mouf, 1337.

Come party with us to commemorate The Culprit Club’s one year journey, as we look back over our humble beginnings with a family of overwhelmingly creative friends and step back to square one.

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