‘Australian Summer' Photography Exhibition

‘Australian Summer’ Photography Exhibition

Shake off those winter chills and head into Art101 Gallery to relive summer through the Australian Summer Photography Exhibition by Rory O’Chee. In 2014 Rory was commissioned to produce tourist photos for the Central Highlands Tourism Office in the Carnarvon Gorge and Molyember Gorge.

Rory O’Chee is a talented Brisbane based photographer whose work is noteworthy, not just for his youth, but for the unique “outsider” perspective he brings to his photography. Aged at just 16, Rory was arguably the most awarded junior photographer in Australia in 2014, with a string of wins and commendations at regional, national and international levels. What is all the more remarkable is that Rory is entirely self-taught and has developed a strong style of his own. His photography makes powerful use of light and shape to create distinctive and arresting images.

Rory was originally attracted to photography as a medium to express his creativity, since his fine motor skills are restricted by his Down Syndrome. Once he realised what could be achieved with the camera, Rory set about using photography to “tell stories without using words”, and with a strong desire to “tell the stories other people don’t see.”

For this exhibition, Rory has sought to explore the unusual and the abstract, alongside more traditional photographic images, all around the common theme of an Australian summer. ‘Australian Summer’ will be showcased from Sunday 17 May – Sunday 31 May.

Winner, Visioning the Outdoors, 2014
Finalist, Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea Nature Photographer of the Year, 2014
Winner, My World Photo Competition, 2014 (a worldwide competition for photographers with Down Syndrome)
Special Mention, Visioning the Outdoors, 2015
Highly Commended, Nudgee College Art Festival, 2014
Third, Junior Photography RNA, 2013
Highly Commended, Open Colour Photography, RNA, 2013

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