All or Nothing
All or Nothing
All or Nothing
All or Nothing
All or Nothing
All or Nothing
All or Nothing

All or Nothing

An alternative and much needed voice! What’s important to the youth of our city?

Over 100 performers between the ages of 13-18 are ready to take over Brisbane Powerhouse. Flexing their creative talents, S2S presents eight extremely different shows written, created and performed by the young people of Brisbane. No restrictions, No guidelines. These are the topics they wish to discuss! These are the changes they want to see!

Session 1 –
Dear You Directed by Madeleine McMahon
Carbon and Diamond Directed by Daniel Hurst
• Tuesday 6pm
• Thursday 6pm
• Saturday 1pm

Session 2 –
Hinged Directed by Abbie Bryant and Liam Burge
Triple Threat Directed by Silva A Sal
• Tuesday 7:30pm
• Thursday 7:30pm
• Saturday 2:30pm

Session 3 –
I’ve Been Here Before Directed by Jamie Zin
Could Have, Would Have, Should Have Directed by Sarina Bakker
• Wednesday 6pm
• Friday 6pm
• Saturday 6pm

Session 4 –
Don’t You Forget About Me Directed by Bianca Macklin-Cordes
Two Places at Once Directed by Alexander Clarke
• Wednesday 7:30pm
• Friday 7:30pm
• Saturday 7:30pm

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