Alex Mizzen – Invisible Things

Alex Mizzen – Invisible Things

A woman confined by a 3x3m transparent box wrestles with the unspoken and the unseen: the voice in her head, her identity and her darkness. She uncovers and dissolves her invisible things.

Derived from a secret and silent conversation kept through 17 years of personal journals this show begs the question: can we ever truly know another’s internal world?

Circus and dance theatre converge to shine a light on the insidious nature of invisible things. Their effects are revealed and the voice in your head is cast as the lead player. This is not a seated performance: there is no sitting back as this performance asks … “tell me, have you met your invisible things?”

Make the invisible, visible.

WINNER Twice Top Reviewers Pick – Anywhere Theatre Festival, 2018
WINNER Pick of the Festival – Anywhere Theatre Festival, 2018

Invisible Things is presented by Alex Mizzen, Vulcana Circus and Brisbane Powerhouse as part of Brisbane Festival 2018.

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