A Map of the Body – Photography Exhibition

A Map of the Body – Photography Exhibition

A Map of the Body – Body Art Nude Photography by Mircha Mangiacotti is coming to Woolloongabba Art Gallery from February 11 to 15.

This exhibition is the outcome of a year-long collaboration between three friends: dancer / choreographer Cecilia Maza, filmmaker Mircha Mangiacotti, and visual artist Nico Iaia. The images were shot in three stunning Brisbane locations: Vieille Branche, Can You Keep a Secret? and Jimy’s old bus yard, each of them quite different from the other, yet sharing a common visual narrative of vintage objects, furniture and clothes. The work explores the idea of employing the body as the canvas, with body art that is mainly improvised, quickly executed, intrinsic to the location. Nico and Cecilia’s spontaneous, playful and, at times, conflictual interaction is an important and distinctive feature of the exhibition: the subjects are constantly engaged with each other and fully present in the moment, ultimately revealing something raw and personal about themselves.


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