48-Hour Film Project 2015 Gala Screenings

48-Hour Film Project 2015 Gala Screenings

The world’s largest time-based film competition unravels the ultimate film showcase by emerging creatives at VMAX Myer Centre in Brisbane from Wednesday October 7 to Friday October 9. This year’s competition boasts the largest to have taken place in Brisbane’s history and will feature the best and most ambitious films from upcoming creative practitioners – all produced in just 48 hours! Regarded as “Brisbane’s Oscars for emerging artists” – the 48-Hour Film Project provides a platform for creatives and film lovers to network and discover underground film talent. The overall winner of the competition has the opportunity to be crowned Best 48-Hour Film worldwide and head over to Cannes in 2016. Don’t forget, each time is assigned two complimentary tickets to the screening night for their film. There is an Audience Choice Award up for grabs too, and all films received on Sunday (even late films) are eligible for that, so get everyone you know to come along!

Screenings include:

Group A – Wednesday October 7
Arcane Century Productions – “The Liar, The Bitch and the Whore’s Robe”
Blue Moon Art House Productions – “Wrapt!”
Cold Veins – “James Isn’t Here”
Doueal Brothers – “Olive”
El Telon Theatre and Diego Rome – “All 4 The Love”
Ghost Army – “Lose Yourself”
Rebecca Gibney is Winter – “Mr MacGuffin’s Weird and Wonderful Adventure in Sealed Air Bay”
Super Film Bros – “Super Nothing”
Team Awesome – “The White Horse”
That Escalated Quickly – “Where’s Ollie?”
Townsmania Productions – “Wayfarers”
Vixolent – “I Highly Recommend You Come to Brisbane”

Group B – Thursday October 8
Branch Collaborative – “Three Guys and a Magazine”
Creative Clones – “The Assistant”
Femme Fatales – “Deadline”
Just a Team – “Late Night”
Klaatu Verata Necktie – “That’s a (Bubble) Wrap”
Kodar – “Wrong Turn”
The Alpha Hitchcocks – “48 Hours West”
The Cousin Brothers – “Liability”
The O.Gs – “The Stranger”
Vin Image – “Amy”

Group C – Friday October 9
Blueprint Studios – “Bald Hill”
Cheezy FX – “Red Syrup”
Crack Cow – “Weddead”
Peter’s Pickle Pickers – “Cartografo”
Rabriate – “Verge”
Small Town Movie Stuff – “A Hike for Hipsters”
Swamp – “Banjo”
Team Pretentious – “Olivehood”
The Blue Steels – “It’s Talent Time”
The Pizza Life Chose Me – “Nothing But Time”

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