16 Lovers Lane

16 Lovers Lane

Brisbane band the Go-Betweens provided the soundtrack for a generation. Now, 30 years after the release of their seminal album 16 Lovers Lane, the ‘Streets of Your Town’ are set to come alive with a contemporary reimagining of this classic moment in Brisbane’s music history. Performed by Lindy Morrison, Amanda Brown, John Willsteed, with Dan Kelly, Danny Widdicombe, Luke Daniel Peacock and special guests Steve Kilbey (The Church), Mark Callaghan (Ganggajang), Ron S Peno (Died Pretty), Katie and Tyrone Noonan (george), Montaigne, Sam Cromack and Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music), Tim Nelson and Zoe Davis (Cub Sport), Sahara Beck, Kirin J Callinan, supported by Ben Salter and Bridget Lewis.

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