Handstands skills & drills workshop

Handstands skills & drills workshop

​Have you been working toward standing on your hands and have the desire to kick up against a wall and do a handstand? The way to finding your balance in handstands comes from working a series of skills and drills regularly to train the pathways of movement, strength and balance.

Stretch Yoga’s Holland Park studio workshop will move through a series of skills and drills that you can take and work on from home to consistently improve your body’s ability to balance hands down. These drills will isolate the different components of handstands so you can explore where in your body you need to work on more to refine and build strength, body awareness and balance which are all required to shift upside down.

The workshop is suitable for all levels and is a fantastic way to take your practice to the next level and improve your yoga confidence. Stretch Yoga will take it step-by-step to build the foundations for you with no pressure to do anything that doesn’t feel right.

But remember to bring along your own yoga mat too!

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