See the ugly side of beauty in Queensland Theatre's hilarious new production White Pearl

See the ugly side of beauty in Queensland Theatre’s hilarious new production White Pearl

No matter how hard they try to avoid it, companies always come face to face with difficult situations at some point. It’s how they deal with these crises and save face that can spell or dispel a PR disaster. This is what is grappled with in Queensland Theatre’s newest production White Pearl, which has already taken Sydney by storm. Coming to the Bille Brown Theatre from June 17 to July 10, this corporate satire will tackle some seriously contentious themes while providing you with some belly-aching laughs to boot.

PR disasters are like watching a car crash and burn – it’s hard to watch and yet, we can’t look away. One heck of a PR disaster and the ensuing crisis management takes centre stage during White Pearl, the theatrical rollercoaster riding into Queensland Theatre this month. White Pearl is set in the offices of Clearday, a cosmetics start-up in Singapore that has made the big time. When a not-so-nice video goes viral for all of the wrong reasons, the Clearday staff members have to quickly contain the fallout and scramble to keep their heads above water – and off the chopping block.

Penned by creative genius Anchuli Felicia King, White Pearl touches on some timely topics such as toxic workplace culture, not-so-casual racism and how capitalism creates deep-seated insecurity. The play stars some of Australia’s finest theatre talent – Deborah An, Cheryl Ho, Mayu Iwasaki, Nicole Milinkovic, Matthew Pearce, Vaishnavi Suryaprakash and Lin Yin. To secure a ticket to this scintillating production, pop over to Queensland Theatre’s website.

This article was written in partnership with our friends at Queensland Theatre. 

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