Whimsical collage art exhibits at Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington

Whimsical collage art exhibits at Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington

Adelaide-based artist Lucy Bonnin was looking after her boyfriend’s nieces, cutting and pasting collages together in a child-like fancy when she realised inspiration for her latest works.

Creating a montage of leaves, stamps, magazine cuttings and a plethora of other textiles, Lucy forms colourful silhouettes of children playing. Natural shadows behind the resin-set collages create the illusion of movement, the pieces magically leaping from their frames.

Invoking nostalgia for childhood playtime and past memories made, these small-scale works are original, joyful and beautifully crafted. The works’ names are whimsical and reminiscent of fairytales, with the head-shaped silhouettes reminding the viewer of the courageous thoughts and emotions that race through an innocent child’s mind.

This exhibition is Lucy’s third appearance at Paddington’s Lethbridge Gallery since winning the Lethbridge 10,000 Award in 2011. Fostering the next generation of artists, the Lethbridge 10,000 is one of many awards 25-year-old Lucy has received in her short time as a practicing artist.

The exhibition is showing from March 24th 2012.

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