Virtuosi takes to the Judith Wright Centre screen

Whether you’re watching or participating, dance wields a powerful grip. In the body, the desire to move, and in the mind, each movement laced with a new emotion.

The creation of award-winning choreographer and filmmaker Sue Healy, Virtuosi is a feature-length documentary about the drive that propels an artist forward and the special nature of virtuosity in dance. With music by New Zealand jazz musician Mike Nock, the documentary entrances the viewer with the fluency and fluidity of movement, while revealing portraits of eight dance artists from New Zealand.

Having left behind their homeland in their youth, the individual dancers went on to pursue remarkable careers in contemporary dance all around the world. The documentary reflects on their careers, giving an intimate insight into their artistry and their close-to-the-heart tales. Virtuosity is showing at Judith Wright Centre next Thursday June 26. Watch the trailer here.

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