VAILO leads the way in sports lighting innovation across Australia
VAILO leads the way in sports lighting innovation across Australia
VAILO leads the way in sports lighting innovation across Australia
VAILO leads the way in sports lighting innovation across Australia

VAILO leads the way in sports lighting innovation across Australia

Ultra-high-performance LED lighting manufacturer VAILO continues to shine a light towards a brighter future, with research and development breakthroughs and upcoming projects across Australia.

The eye is more often drawn to what light illuminates than the mechanism by which it is created. With that in mind, VAILO, an advanced technology company specialising in manufacturing ultra-high-performance LED sports lighting and a solutions provider of LED digital displays, is content to stand behind the spotlight, developing bespoke energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technology for community centres, venues, clubs and stadiums.

In 2022 VAILO was recognised with a prestigious Australian Good Design Award for its flagship product, Zenith Gen-V, popular for its low maintenance, lightweight design, cockatoo proofing and energy efficiency. It has since developed advanced variants including the Zenith Gen-V PC Amber and Zenith Gen-V Zero Tilt.

Released earlier this year, the Zenith Gen-V PC Amber, which recently won the Sustainability and Environmental award at the SA/NT iAwards, aims to minimise LED lighting’s impact to wildlife behaviour and circadian rhythms, as well as reducing attraction to insects.

PC Amber LEDs contribute to biodiversity conservation and sustainable ecosystem management in wildlife-sensitive areas by eliminating blue light while maintaining a broad spectrum of emitted light for effective outdoor area illumination for human use.

The Zenith Gen-V Zero Tilt, only released to market in early July, is designed to minimise upward waste light and combat light pollution with zero-tilt optics, ensuring precise light control-enhancing visibility and safety without contributing to skyglow.

Across this new generation of luminaires, VAILO engineers have also developed a lighting control system, which allows multiple control commands and adjustments. This allows for scenarios such as a club using the lights at 50 per cent brightness during training, saving energy and money.

In addition to the control hardware, VAILO is also developing software control systems accessible through phone applications, allowing customers to track usage and power consumption as well as controlling lights easily from their personal devices.

These technological advancements will be put to use in VAILO’s upcoming projects across Australia.

VAILO partner Hawthorn Football Club, which has begun construction of its future home at the Kennedy Community Centre, has selected VAILO for the lighting design and luminaire supply at the venue. Adelaide Football Club and VAILO have renewed their partnership, with VAILO coming aboard as Official Partner for the 2024 AFL and AFLW seasons and implementing its state-of-the-art 23-sqm mobile digital display at the Crows’ training ground.

Most recently, the company has upgraded the metal halide lights at New Era Stadium in Cabramatta, New South Wales and at Balnarring Recreation Reserve on Victoria’s Morning Peninsula to VAILO LEDs, as well as installing its LED digital displays at various locations during the 2024 AFL Gather Round.

“VAILO remains dedicated to providing state-of-the-art lighting and digital display solutions that optimise performance and enhance the player and spectator experience at all sporting levels,” said Mr Hickmann.

“Our aim is to brighten the playing lives of our sports people and contribute to our sporting communities across Australia.”

 This article was created in partnership with our 40 Under 40 Queensland 2023 Sponsor, VAILO. 

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