Brisbane Powerhouse's new production Undertow tackles the hardships of high school

Brisbane Powerhouse’s new production Undertow tackles the hardships of high school

High school was a tough time – homework, hormones and the general pressures of growing up sometimes felt like you were stuck in a pressure cooker that would explode at any moment. Brisbane Powerhouse’s newest production, Undertow, takes us back into the halls of high school, and in the process sweeps us up into a scintillating story that tackles everything from resilience to mental health, relationships, identity and empathy.

Undertow is the newest stage show from the the team at Shock Therapy, a Gold Coast-born arts company founded by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones, who also wrote and star in the production. Centred around a high school community and the events that take place over the course of a fortnight, Undertow follows characters Jesse, Connor and Phil, as they each struggle to cope with the pressures of life and the day-to-day struggles of being a teenager.

Eager to be temporarily transported back in time to when life consisted of braces, buses and schoolyard crushes? Undertow is taking over the Underground Theatre at Brisbane Powerhouse from Wednesday June 16 to Saturday June 26. To snap up tickets to Undertow, make tracks to the Brisbane Powerhouse website.

This article was written in partnership with our friends at Brisbane Powerhouse. 

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