Get freaky and cheeky with our top five picks at Wonderland

Get freaky and cheeky with our top five picks at Wonderland

What has 31 shows packed into 14 days and is the steamiest way to kiss 2016 goodbye? Why, it’s Wonderland of course! Built on the foundations that a little debauchery never hurt anybody, this fabulous festival returns to the Brisbane Powerhouse from Thursday November 24 to Sunday December 11 to bring the best in circus, burlesque, cabaret and comedy to our city. From trippy interactive installations to knee-slappin’ pop culture homages, we’ve picked five must-dos at this year’s Wonderland carnival.

House of Mirrors – November 18 to December 11 
The first cab off the rank for our top five picks for Wonderland will force you to take a good look at yourself. Walking through the hypnotic and kaleidoscopic House of Mirrors installation is a true trip, as participants navigate through chambers, voids, doorways and darkened breaks to eventually see the light. Unlike some others you may have seen before, this mirror maze is pure – there’s no creepy music or weird gimmicks, just brain power.

twe-dollbybabuskhaDoll by Babushka – November 24–27 
Most people would instantly be able to recall their favourite childhood toy, and for many of us, dolls were number one. Doll by Babuskha is a cabaret dishing out equal measures of cute and crazy to explore the world through the eyes of our little plastic pals, taking on the form of a dark musical comedy that will have you wanting to call your mum and dig out the Barbie box.

twe-undertone-01Undertone – November 24–27 
If you like to laugh and gasp in equal measure, then Undertone will have you feeling like all of your Christmases have come at once. Using live triggering to create soundscapes from the performance itself, Undertone has an interactive process that produces a unique outcome with every show. Traditional circus is turned on its head, with dangerous stunts and urban vibes coming together to create something totally original.

twe-theotherwoman-01Other Women – November 25 to December 3
If a man is a stud, then what is a woman? This is the primary focus of Other Women, a provocative and witty take on the double standards surrounding sexuality and gender. Fusing circus and cabaret, this world premiere has a finger in every pie – utilising everything from aerial art to live music, Other Women will get you hot under the collar in the same breath that it will have you questioning your views towards the fairer sex.

twe-graemeofthrones-01Graeme of Thrones – November 30 to December 10
How good was being a kid and putting on low-budget renditions of your favourite TV shows? Graeme of Thrones is that kind of vibe except it’s actually really bloody funny. Coming from a super successful international run, this critically acclaimed show is an original and unauthorised parody of the worldwide phenomenon that is HBO’s Game of Thrones. Some of the UK’s top comedy writers have thrown their hats in the ring for this one, ensuring that you’ll be wheeze-laughing until the end.

If this list has got you gagging for more, check out the official Wonderland program for even more fun and frivolity.

To find out more about what’s on in Brisbane, head to our Event Guide.


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