Tim Rogers and his merry band of misfits create the live radio show you wish existed

Tim Rogers and his merry band of misfits create the live radio show you wish existed

These days when you turn on your radio, odds are you will be greeted to the sounds of two men and a woman screeching at each other for half an hour about basically nothing – hosts who share the collective charisma of a slice of water dipped in bread, perhaps, punctuated by the same five songs on high rotation. Sounds … pretty crappy, to be honest. If the thought of tuning into the wireless leaves you cold, allow us to present you an alternative – the live, loopy and ever-evolving world of Tim Rogers’ analogue radio stage show Liquid Nights In Bohemia Heights coming to Brisbane Powerhouse for two nights of mayhem.

Based on his popular Double J radio segment Liquid Lunch (which actually does exist), Liquid Nights In Bohemia Heights brings this concept to the stage in a shambolic and analogue blaze – think old-school microphones, box back suits, ancient advertorial carts, fluorescent lighting, Bakelite telephones and a turntable, of course. Tim takes on the role of egocentric and eccentric radio host, bantering with guests, taking calls and running the regular segments like a pro. While Tim is king, his supporting cast of sidekicks are the real brains behind the operation – legendary community broadcaster Jonnie Von Goes and award-winning sound designer Russell Goldsmith lend their collective expertise to keep the sound as smooth as silk.

So what can you actually expect from stepping into the world of Liquid Nights In Bohemia Heights? It sure as hell ain’t like any radio show you would have heard before (which you may have guessed if you’re familiar with Tim Rogers’ particular brand of madness). Guests will include people from all walks of life – musicians, artists, writers, sport stars, comedians and self-appointed celebrities are all part of the mixed bag. We’re just received word that the Brisbane edition of the show will cop award-winning writer Trent Dalton, musical wizards Phil Jamieson and Patience Hodgson, plus Pub Choir’s fearless leader Astrid Jorgensen. The format takes your traditional wireless show run-sheet and covers it in acid – segments like Drama of the Week, Long Time Listeners First Time Callers, News Flash and more have all been given a twist. Oh, and don’t think you’re just there to watch – the audience is actively encouraged to participate in the mayhem.

Ready to take your mind and soul on a transcendental journey? Tim Rogers is bringing Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights to Brisbane Powerhouse on August 9 and 10 – snap up your tickets before they disappear.

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