How long really is The Longest Minute?
How long really is The Longest Minute?

How long really is The Longest Minute?

Ever question how long the longest minute really is? The last minute before the microwave is done? Or the minute before that important interview? We’ve all been there. Queensland Theatre is collaborating with JUTE Theatre Company to bring The Longest Minute to QPAC from May 26 to June 23, exploring an iconic night in NRL history that rewrote the history books. 

The Longest Minute takes us back to the highly anticipated 2015 NRL Grand Final – the crowd was ready, the players were ready and the country was ready. It was the night when long-time underdogs the North Queensland Cowboys took on the Broncos in an all-Queensland nail-bitter that changed the game – and the state. The Cowboys took victory in a close 17-16 game, thanks to the work of Jonathan Thurston and his field goal scoring the boys the golden point. For one family of Cowboy diehards, their whole life had lead up to this moment – the moment they had been dreaming of. This victory loops back into the story of Jess, the daughter of Foley Shield legend Frank ‘Black Flash’ Wright. Born on the night of the North Queensland Cowboys’ first game in Townsville, Jess was instilled with a love of footy from birth – but much like her luckless Cowboys, she faced more than her fair share of battles and losses. With skill, ambition, luck and faith, Jess never loses sight of her ultimate goal of playing football despite the odds being stacked against her.

This stage production of an iconically Queensland story is being brought to audiences across the state, demanding their attention and daring them to dream their wildest dreams. Football and theatre alike create suspense, spectacle and a fair share of drama – the story of Jess and her beloved Cowboys combines the two to create a unique piece of storytelling. Bridget Boyle directs a superb cast including the likes of Jeremy Ambrum, who you may recognise from the ABC’s Cleverman series. When you take into account that Kim ‘Busty Beatz’ Bowers was the composer and sound designer for the play, you know it’s going to pack a serious punch.

Have you got footy fever? You can snap up tickets to The Longest Minute through QPAC.

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