A dinner party turns sour in Natalie Weir’s The Host

A dinner party turns sour in Natalie Weir’s The Host

QPAC is hosting a new production of dance theatre with a sublime mix of choreography, costume and music.

Conceptualised and choreographed by Natalie Weir of Expressions Dance Company, The Host is a production that follows the events of a fateful dinner party, hosted by an influential gentleman for a group of manipulative guests. As the night unfolds, feelings of greed and jealousy mix and simmer until the pot boils over in a display of persona ambition. This production is an elegant piece of theatre that is both daring and fun, entertaining audiences with the antics and lifestyles of the influential and self-obsessed.

The Host will be staged at QPAC from May 1–9. Audiences will be wowed by costumes designed by Gail Sorronda and serenaded by musical accompaniment courtesy of the Southern Cross Soloists. This production is presented and performed by the Expressions Dance Company, an award-winning ensemble based in Brisbane.

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