Who run the world? Startup Weekend Brisbane Women brings females to the forefront of innovation

Who run the world? Startup Weekend Brisbane Women brings females to the forefront of innovation

Women kick ass and that’s a stone-cold fact, son. History may favour dudes, but fearless females have been dominating all over the world since the dawn of time. Thankfully times are changing and ladies finally getting a chance to be heard, particularly in fields that are traditionally male-dominated. The world of tech and start-ups is often viewed as something of a boy’s club, making it both difficult and intimidating for ladies to step in and step up – but Startup Weekend Brisbane Women is here to help. Coming to River City Labs from February 9–11, the landmark event will bring together some of Brisbane’s brightest minds to innovate, activate and collaborate.

When it comes to turning dreams into reality, Startup Weekend Brisbane Women is a darn good place to start. The event is run by River City Labs, an absolute hotbed of innovation and action for those wanting to get amongst the startup community. The mobile, internet, telecoms and technology fields are a serious focus here, which is what makes this female-centric event so significant – women are being given a fair shot and a reputable platform to share, foster and action their valuable ideas.

So what exactly will be going down at Startup Weekend Brisbane Women? This event is pretty much a gigantic networking and innovation opportunity for anyone who is keen to dip their toes into the startup world. The weekend is run by a passionate group of female entrepreneurs who have banded together to create a brand-new experience to welcome and empower creative, talented and curious women. Whether you’re chasing a business partner, wanting to found your own company, learn some new skills or just mix it with like-minded people, this will be your jam.

Have you got a killer idea that could benefit from some help? You can nab tickets to Startup Weekend Brisbane Women through Eventbrite.

Photo by Martin Shreder on Unsplash

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