This ephemeral pop-up installation lets you walk amongst the clouds
This ephemeral pop-up installation lets you walk amongst the clouds

This ephemeral pop-up installation lets you walk amongst the clouds

At least once in our lives we’ve all looked up at a bright blue sky and wished we could step right into it, free as a bird and without a care in the world. Well, the expression ‘head in the clouds’ is about to take on a literal meaning – ephemeral pop-up The Size of Air from visionary installation artist Kinly Grey is coming to the Queen Street Mall for three evenings only across October 25–27, inviting us all to experience a piece of the sky without leaving the ground.

So what exactly is The Size of Air? This experiential and immersive installation takes place in a pop-up cube with transparent walls, filled with a dense white fog that carries the image of a clear blue sky projected across its surface. The work is made for participants to feel like they are walking through Brisbane’s famously blue and clear sky. Participants are invited to enter the space as an escape from the city hustle, becoming enveloped in a calm and reflective atmosphere. The Size of Air will bring the sky to the street, creating an opportunity for people to experience Brisbane’s iconic skyline from a new perspective.

This exclusive pop-up comes from the mind of Kinley Grey, an artist experienced in creating experiential environments or situations that tend to be site-specific and fleeting – as is the case with The Size of Air. Kinly’s aim is to create experiences that heighten visceral perception and bodily thinking, as well as exploring the effect that these installations have on the intensity of the feelings of the participant. This latest work joins Meagan Streader’s The Weight of Light as part of a curatorial project by McCarthy-Swann Projects, supported by Brisbane City Council that introduces slices of wonder, fascination and beauty to public spaces.

Feel like floating? You can catch The Size of Air from October 25–27 in the Queen Street Mall from 4:00–8:00 pm nightly. Be quick before it disappears into thin air!

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