Turn your scorn into art at QT’s curious new interactive museum Heartbreak Hotel
Turn your scorn into art at QT’s curious new interactive museum Heartbreak Hotel

Turn your scorn into art at QT’s curious new interactive museum Heartbreak Hotel

Everyone deals with break-ups differently – some of us mainline ice-cream, some of us watch The Notebook on repeat, some of us cyber-stalk our exes with a precision that would make ASIO proud and some of us set fire to every earthly possession that our lover has left behind. There are no hard and fast rules for mourning the end of a relationship, but there is a certain catharsis that comes from ridding yourself of everything that reminds you of your past paramour. Turning the concept of “filling a garbage bag with your ex’s stuff and literally dumping it on the street” into art is QT Hotel – because the reverse-cupids there have cooked up a concept designed to help you heal (but make it cute). Introducing Heartbreak Hotel, a pop-up exhibition where you can submit your relationship relics in the name of documenting love lost.

Heartbreak Hotel (also known as The Museum of Love and Disappointments) is essentially exactly as described – a publicly-curated shrine to people’s past relationships including the good, the bad and the ugly. The premise is quite simple – QT Hotel is inviting submissions from anyone willing to part with mementos of their ex, along with their stories of the relationships that accompany the objects. The curators are already receiving all sorts of things, proving that there is no accounting for what people hang on to after a break-up – so far there’s a bridal garter from a donor’s wedding to their childhood sweetheart 50 years ago, while a particularly disgruntled submission includes a stolen PlayStation. The exhibition will be filled with potent reminders that the intersection of love, grief and memories is a truly universal (and sometimes very weird) experience.

If you’ve got your own object of love taking up space at your place, QT will gladly take it off your hands in the name of art – it just has to be accompanied with a little backstory. It’s not just restricted to salty break-up artifacts either – lovers and haters alike are encouraged to submit. Can’t bear to part with your keepsakes? QT is also accepting love stories for submission, so you can still wear your heart on your sleeve without relinquishing your hoarder tendencies (no judgement here). The exhibition will also be running alongside some unique experience at Stingray LoungeBazaarYamagen and Fixx for the month of February, so that’s a little something extra to look forward to! Speaking of extras, all tickets come with a beverage at Fixx and a glass of love potion from Stingray – just to take the edge off.

Feeling curious? Heartbreak Hotel is popping up at QT Hotel from February 1–22 in 2021. You can nab a ticket here if you’re keen to check it out or read more about submitting your own story (and your ex’s junk) here. Psst … hotel guests get in for free, so it’s the perfect excuse for a staycay.

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