Stuck at home? Bring culture to your couch with QAGOMA's virtual event series
Stuck at home? Bring culture to your couch with QAGOMA's virtual event series
Stuck at home? Bring culture to your couch with QAGOMA's virtual event series
Stuck at home? Bring culture to your couch with QAGOMA's virtual event series

Stuck at home? Bring culture to your couch with QAGOMA’s virtual event series

Have you got plans to do next-to-nothing this weekend? Maybe you’re working from home and want something fun to do on your lunch break? Well, QAGOMA has got your back with a bunch of super-exciting online events that are sure to keep you entertained while you spend some time at home. From life-drawing workshops and virtual lectures to postcard projects and contemporary art talks, there are plenty of boredom-busting activities to try out.

A lot of us have spent more than ample time scrolling through social media and our preferred streaming service’s movie catalogue the last few months. So we can take on something a little bit more productive during our spare time, the team at QAGOMA has curated a roster of exciting virtual events that will keep you both occupied and connected. Start off your virtual QAGOMA journey by taking part in the free Art Pal Postcard Project and share your iso-related experiences by submitting a postcard to help create a collection of reflections for these crazy times we are living in (who knows, you may be featured in a future exhibition). All you have to do is register to receive a blank postcard in the mail, along with a reply paid envelope to submit your creation. If drawing is more your talent, then tune into the Draw Along workshops and test your artistic skills with artist Dr Bill Platz. There are three workshops to choose from including Yesterday’s Bodies on Thursday August 6, Sudden Bodies on Thursday August 13 and Unruly Bodies on Thursday August 30, all exploring different methods and approaches to life drawing. All you need for these workshops is paper, a pen or pencil and an internet connection – you’ll be an artist in no time!

To take a behind-the-scenes look into the galleries, there are plenty of virtual workshops that delve behind the various artworks in QAGOMA’S collection. On Wednesday August 12, curator Ellie Buttrose will give an overview of the new QAGOMA exhibition Cut It: Collage to Meme, which explores the creative art form of collaging and how artists have added layers to the meaning of pictures through the techniques of snipping, pasting, montaging and sampling. On Saturday August 1, join Dr Louise R Mayhew as she confronts the art world’s gender problem and uncovers historical barriers to women’s success in Confronting Contemporary Art: Where are the Women?. Keeping with the girl power theme, Dr Mayhew will also host four Wikipedia editing sessions as part of the Art+Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon, a global event that hopes to help the under-representation of women in the arts on the online encyclopedia. In these sessions, attendees will be guided through the process of selecting a female artist, researching and writing their biography, then publishing that article on Wikipedia – how cool is that?

Did you miss out on taking part in QAGOMA’s iso events? Never fear – you can still access drawing workshops, contemporary art talks, kid-friendly activities and even gallery yoga for the whole family, right here. More virtual events will be announced soon so subscribe to QAGOMA’s exhibitions and programs to stay in the loop. In the meantime, make sure you register for the events you want to participate in so you don’t miss out! For a in-person gallery visit, QAG is currently open to a limited number of visitors from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily and GOMA will open to a limited number of visitors from Friday August 7. To book your free timed ticket to QAGOMA, head here.

Image one: Draw Along: Yesterday’s Bodies, QAGOMA.
Image two: Art Pal Postcard Project, QAGOMA.
Image three: Art+Feminism: Wikipedia Editing Circle, QAGOMA.
Image four: Draw Along: Yesterday’s Bodies, QAGOMA.

To find out more about what’s on in Brisbane, head to our Event Guide.


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