propaganda? exhibition at GOMA

Dive into a world of Propaganda? at GOMA

In the modern world of advertising, it can be hard to know reality from fiction, especially in the realm of politics – GOMA’s latest exhibition Propaganda? explores this theme of politically motivated art.

From Korea to the United States, clever advertising has been used to sway votes in the pursuit of government support, and it’s an art form that will no doubt continue well into the future. Past propaganda has ranged from traditional paintings and sculptures, to prints, posters and even photography.

This exhibition explores of a range of different types of propaganda, with each work cleverly drawing on humour, collage, text and print to make a politically inclined comment. Propaganda? will begin on June 23 and run right through to October 21, and represents a range of countries including Germany, Korea, Vietnam and Australia. Standout pieces include the huge North Korean mosaic entitled Work Team Contest, which was created in 2009, as well as works by Perth’s Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont, who reference nationalist imagery from the 1930s in their burlesque photography.

VÕ An Khánh
Vietnam  b.1936
Extra-curriculum political science class 7/1972 1972
Purchased 2010 with funds raised through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Appeal
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

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