Get out of this world with Professor Brian Cox – A Journey Into Deep Space

Get out of this world with Professor Brian Cox – A Journey Into Deep Space

The universe is often a mind-bendingly complex subject, and thinking too much about it may incite panic. At Brian Cox – A Journey Into Deep Space, the professor invites his audience on an intergalactic journey that’s a little easier to digest.

Celebrated professor, physicist and all-around legend Professor Brian Cox is coming to Australia for his latest expedition, delving into some of the most serious questions that humankind asks but providing answers that you don’t need a degree to decode. The tour focuses on more recent discoveries of the universe, honing in on the huge amount of new information that has been gathered in the past decade. Brian details these new fundamentals and applies them to fascinating discussion about the understanding of the universe, its origin and evolution.

Utilising the most current scientific research from CERN and the most prestigious astronomical observatories of the world, Brian engages his challenging subject matter in a way that is always enthralling, continually astonishing and forever pushing the boundaries. Audiences get a bonus dose of brains with comedian, writer and Brian’s co-host on The Infinite Monkey Cage Robin Ince joining the tour to help make sense of all the curly questions being tackled. You can catch the pair at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday August 6.


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