Totally un-brie-lievable – a cheese and champagne pop-up is coming to the northside!

Totally un-brie-lievable – a cheese and champagne pop-up is coming to the northside!

When it comes to food and drink, there are some undeniably iconic pairings that have managed to truly stand the test of time. Look, we love trying weird combinations as much as the next adventurous eater but it’s the classics that get us truly weak at the knees. For example, name a more iconic duo than champagne and cheese – go on, we’ll wait. This delicious combination is coming to Portside Wharf for a weekend of all-out decadence in the form of its annual Cheese and Champagne Pop-up. Mark March 10–11 in your diary, pack up the picnic rug and get ready for some seriously tasty bites and bubbles.

The Portside Cheese and Champagne Pop-up has found a special place in our hearts for a darn good reason – it’s pretty much a whole weekend dedicated to two of our favourite French things. This year the heroes at Portside have teamed up with The Cheese Pleaser, Gusto da Gianni and Moët & Chandon to create a curated selection of all things creamy, bitey and bubbly. Spread across two days, the Cheese and Champagne Pop-up incorporates food and drink with live entertainment to create a chilled, family-friendly weekend vibe.

So what can you expect to taste at the Portside Cheese and Champagne Pop-up? We can let you know that cheese expert (dream job, to be honest) Sharyn de Kort from The Cheese Pleaser has expertly curated a tasting platter that will have your mouth watering. The selection incorporates Le Dauphin, Comte and Blue D’Auvergne served with The Cheese Pleaser’s signature apple and walnut chutney and biscuits – all for the mind-bogglingly low sum of $15. You can wash your tasty morsels down with a glass (or whole bottle if you’re feeling fancy) of Moët & Chandon Champagne or a selection of fine wines available. If you’ve still got room for more delicious food, Portside’s many fabulous restaurants will be trading all weekend to fill the gaps.

Want to find out how easy it is being cheesy? Entry to the Portside Cheese and Champagne Pop-up is totally free of charge – head to our Events Guide for the details.

To find out more about what’s on in Brisbane, head to our Event Guide.


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