Drawings from the Belle Époque exhibit at QAG

Drawings from the Belle Époque exhibit at QAG

Degas, Renoir, Rodin, Manet – from merely reading their names, dreamy mental imagery of tip-toeing through the impressive Musée d’Orsay on Paris’ left bank, gazing at the romantic works from the artists of the Belle Époque, begins to form.

These magical works by renowned French artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are no longer for Paris dwellers’ eyes only, exhibiting in Brisbane from March 24.

Showing exclusively at South Bank’s Queensland Art Gallery, Modern Woman: Daughters and Lovers 1850–1918 unveils the changing roles of women as depicted by leading artists of the time.

Spanning Impressionist, Post Impressionist, Avante-Garde and Art Noveau pieces, this three-month-long exhibition features 100 expressive drawings showing women in family life and domesticity, women in love and at leisure in city streets, cafes and on stages, and in portraits and nudes.

Displaying works from Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edouard Vuillard, Édouard Manet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre Bonnard, Auguste Rodin, Berthe Morisot, Jean François Millet and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the collection illustrates the increasingly abandoned idealised representations of the female figure at the time.

Curated by the Musée d’Orsay’s Isabelle Julia – the curator in charge of the Department of Graphic Arts – the exhibition will transport you to France’s golden age with its depictions of its evolving woman, and the men who painted them.

Eugène Boudin
France 1824–98
Woman in blue 1860–70
Bequest of Carle Dreyfus, 1953
Collection: Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Photograph: © RMN (Musée d’Orsay) / Jean Schormans

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