Science, poetry and modern love combine for The Mathematics of Longing

Science, poetry and modern love combine for The Mathematics of Longing

Look, maths definitely isn’t universally loved, but you can’t deny its force. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of numbers, it’s pretty incredible when you bring everything back to the basic notion that humans invented their own way to make sense of things that were previously impossible to comprehend. Much like maths, theatre is another avenue that people use to explain the inexplicable – and it’s a marriage of these two things that has created something close to magic. Making its world premiere at La Boite Theatre from June 2–23, The Mathematics of Longing draws from two different worlds to help us understand ourselves better.

Things can get a bit tricky when you start to question your place and meaning in the universe, but The Mathematics of Longing adds a level of wonder and humour to the experience. The multi-layered, multi-artform piece tackles the big issues through bite-sized snapshots – think first loves, love lost, family tragedy and the triumph of the human spirit. The play uses wonder and humour to unpack what are some of the most pressing things that people can face in their lifetime, with the hopes that audiences will gain a new perspective of the world and how to perceive it.

Fresh from the mind of the ridiculously talented Suzie Miller, The Mathematics of Longing is an exciting first-time collaboration between La Boite, Gold Coast-based dance-theatre company The Farm, and Suzie’s own production house The Uncertainty Principle. This trio brings together some of the most talented people in the Queensland theatre landscape across not only the stage but also sound, set design and production. Starring performances from Ngoc Phan (A Streetcar Named Desire) and Merlynn Tong (Blue Bones) are further enhanced by direction from The Farm’s Kate Harman and Gavin Webber, plus La Boite’s own artistic director and CEO Todd MacDonald. When you add sound design from Regurgitator’s Ben Ely and set design by Brisbane-based visual artist Ross Manning, you’ve got a serious dream team on your hands.

Ready to get existential? You can pick up tickets to The Mathematics of Longing through La Boite.

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