Landscape with Monsters thinks outside (and gets inside) the box
Landscape with Monsters thinks outside (and gets inside) the box

Landscape with Monsters thinks outside (and gets inside) the box

When it comes to word association, there are certain notions that seem intrinsically linked to the idea of ‘circus’. Clowns? Sure. Trapeze? You bet. Red noses? Obviously. Well the circus is indeed coming to town, but definitely not as you know it – Landscape with Monsters is a groundbreaking production taking over the Brisbane Powerhouse from February 22–25, ditching the gimmicks to showcase the magic of human movement.

The fearless troupe from Circa know a thing or two about entertaining, and Landscape with Monsters hits another home run in regards to thrills. Circa is about more than just circus – the performers purposely blur the lines between movement, dance and theatre to create something fresh every time. At its core, Landscape with Monsters was crafted to tell the story of post-industrial cities falling into decay – through a world of basic wooden boxes, a hard floor and tall metal structures, the meeting between the performers and their environment is brought to life in an exhilarating way.

This production stays true to the Circa formula – directed by the company’s artistic director Yaron Lifschitz, the cast of six twist and turn across the stage to a soundtrack that mixes pop tunes and electronic music. The circus-theatre mash up promises plenty of kick, with the performers relying on their crude set of props and each other’s bodies to create visuals that will trip you out in the best possible way. You’d be surprised how intense a performance can be when it’s stripped back to the bare bones – things get pretty heated and emotional when there’s bodies flying all over the place.

If you want to flip out over some seriously impressive showmanship, you can grab tickets to Landscape with Monsters through the Brisbane Powerhouse.

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