The new classics – our top picks from La Boite’s spectacular 2018 season

The new classics – our top picks from La Boite’s spectacular 2018 season

When it comes to the theatre, classics certainly have their place – these are the stories that audiences have come to know and love, and thus they deserve their place in our cultural sphere as significant to the arts. However, there is a lot to be said for stepping outside of the box and taking a risk. It is in these fresh, important and exciting stories that we find a renewed sense of purpose and a different perspective, something that is to be celebrated. La Boite Theatre’s 2018 season is rooted in the company’s core values of representation, diversity and respect – which make for some pretty bloody amazing productions that have never been seen before. We’ve picked five must-see works from the theatre’s stunning offering this year – say hello to the new classics.

Lysa and the Freeborn Dames – July 21 to August 11
When a play is summarised asAristophanes crossed with a girl group power-ballad served with a plate of your Grandma’s best CWA scones,” you know you’re onto something good. Tackling the complex subject of gender politics is never easy, but Lysa and the Freeborn Dames makes it a heck of a lot easier and more entertaining to digest. Based around a small town wherein the impassioned Lysa tries to create her own women’s march in solidarity with her international sisters and allies protesting Trump’s presidency, this play brings together fire and fury in a true battle of the sexes – which has never been more timely than our current social climate. Claire Christian absolutely nails the brief with this one – check it out for a heady dose of girl power.
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The Village – April 30 to May 5
Returning after a sell-out premiere season last year, The Village is a stirring collaborative effort that invites us into the real lives and stories of refugees and those seeking asylum. Considering our current political climate and government stance on the matter, there has never been a better time to be inspired and uplifted by the courage, strength and determination of the women, men and children who have made Australia their new home in the face of extraordinary odds stacked against them. The interactive show invites audience members to get up close and personal with these real people telling simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming stories.
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The Mathematics of Longing – June 2–22
Here’s one that has all of the ingredients for something magical – internationally acclaimed Aussie playwright Suzie Miller, a collab with trailblazing Gold Coast-based dance-theatre company The Farm, plus a plot that will make you dizzy with delight. Anything that delves deep into the complex subject matter of love always gets our tick of approval, and The Mathematics of Longing does this in spectacular fashion. Often art and science seem at odds with each other, but this brand-new work explores the beauty that can be found in the juxtaposition of concrete concepts of theorems and physics against the far more unpredictable nature of human emotion.
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The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek – February 10 to March 3
A co-production between La Boite and Playlab, The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek is a dark comedy by Brisbane’s Kathryn Marquet, who you may know from her 2014 triumph Pale Blue Dot. This brand-new biting comedy is all about leading the charge for change, exploring the blurred lines between ideology and action. The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek brings us George and Harris, an unlikely duo working (and living) together to protect the Tasmanian Devil population. When two unexpected visitors trigger a series of events across one dramatic evening, George is forced to face the reality that sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to fight for what’s important.
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Neon Tiger – October 27 to November 17
Real talk – heartbreak sucks, but it’s often the catalyst for some of the most exciting times in our lives. A case in point is Neon Tiger, the world premiere play about the adult gap-year we’ve all secretly longed for. We are introduced to Andy, an Australian traveller outrunning her broken heart. After taking up residence as a host at a Bangkok party-district karaoke bar she meets Arisa, a Thai-American on a personal quest to connect with her mother’s culture. The two have instant chemistry … so what happens next? Brought to you by three of Australia’s most dynamic voices (Gillian Cosgriff, Kat Henry and Julia-Rose Lewis, for the record), Neon Tiger will have you itching to hop on a plane to plot your own journey of self-discovery.
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