Indisposable Concept exhibition

Peruse the Indisposable Concept exhibition

No matter how much technology continues to advance in the realm of cameras, there will always be a certain allure associated with the disposable varieties of old. Whether it’s the rawness of the camera’s filter, or the aura of mystery that surrounds its captured moments that attracts the eye, the disposable camera continues to sell. Indisposable Concept is a project born from a love of the simple disposable camera. The concept provides an individual with one camera (filled with 24 shots) and one week in which to use it. During this time they must capture what is indisposable to them, as well as a ‘selfie’. At the end of the week, the participant sends the camera back and their personal celebration of the every day is printed. The Indisposable Concept exhibition is a collection of images submitted so far and will be held at inner-city haven Bleeding Heart from May 23–29.

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