Sass is served – Hot Brown Honey brings its genre-defying live show to Brisbane

Sass is served – Hot Brown Honey brings its genre-defying live show to Brisbane

When it comes to equal representation, Australia still has a pretty bloody long way to go. Considering our First Nations people have been here for a whole lot longer than white folk, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of people of colour in popular media. From movies to breakfast panels and even stage shows, things are looking pretty … well, white. Stuff that! There’s a new crew in town set to shake up the game and shatter some cultural paradigms in the form of song, dance and straight-up activism. Coming to Brisbane Powerhouse from April 4–7, Hot Brown Honey will have you fist pumping, booty shakin’ and leaving feeling all kinds of empowered.

Hot Brown Honey is made up of a group of powerful and talented First Nations women from Aboriginal Australian, Samoan, Tongan, Indonesian, Maori and South African heritages. Lisa Fa’alafi, Ofa Fotu, Hope Haami, Elena Wangurra, Crystal Stacey and Busty Beatz make up the ensemble, each bringing a unique but equally strong presence to the stage. Together, these ladies smash preconceived notions surrounding not only women of colour but also women in general – and you’d better believe that they will have you seeing things from a new perspective. Lisa, who doubles as the director of the show, is totally transparent in the group’s aim to challenge perceptions and create new avenues for people of colour to be heard, but proves that activism doesn’t have to be all things serious and straight.

So what exactly can you expect from a Hot Brown Honey show? A whole lot of action, for one – the group’s live performance transcends genres to create something totally unique. Serving up lashings of cabaret, musical theatre and piping-hot political hip-hop, this award-winning show packs plenty into its stage time. The show is designed not only to entertain, but also to inspire – no matter where you come from, you can find something of value in the Hot Brown Honey message of being inclusive, unapologetic and downright sassy.

Ready to get hot and heavy? You can nab tickets to Hot Brown Honey right now through Brisbane Powerhouse.

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