Film score maestro Hans Zimmer brings his legendary soundtracks to life at Revealed

Film score maestro Hans Zimmer brings his legendary soundtracks to life at Revealed

When it comes to famous modern composers, most of us could only name a handful (if that). One thing for darn certain is that a name that is instantly recognisable in the musical world is Hans Zimmer. Even if you don’t know it off the top of your head, he’s the major dude responsible for some of the most famous and beloved scores in recent memory. Hans Zimmer Revealed is coming to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Saturday May 6 for one night of intensity that explores and celebrates the career of a living legend – with the man himself performing.

So what exactly can you expect at Hans Zimmer Revealed? Well for one thing, it’s not just an amazing band or orchestra playing his works – Hans himself is coming along on the tour that has sold out shows across Europe and America, conducting and performing alongside a handpicked band of all-stars. The concert takes place in two distinct parts, each focusing on different facets and highlights of his composing catalogue. The first part delves into some of the all-time classic movie scores including Gladiator, The Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean, and the second features re-imagined versions of some very familiar scores such as The Dark Knight and Inception with special guest performers from the rock and pop world.

We’ve established that Hans has had a pretty prolific career, but let’s break it down a bit further – we’re talking scoring more than 150 films in a time span of close to 50 years. How the heck is it possible to cram that much goodness into three hours? We had a chat to Hans earlier this month and can confirm that his band played a crucial part in the song selection process – he wanted to make sure that it was all the good stuff that they wanted to play and that people wanted to hear. All pieces have been rearranged and reinterpreted to reflect the people and journeys that Hans has encountered, making for a show that is truly unique.

Keen to witness movie magic come to live on the stage? You can still grab tickets to Hans Zimmer Revealed through Ticketek, so snap one up before they disappear.

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